Since the establishment of FCDIC in July, 1986, we have
collected and accumulated various information about technological development
of fuel cells for 20 years.  We have also worked on the promotion of
development, introduction, and diffusion of fuel cells while strengthening
the connections among members and overseas.FCDIC will keep serving information by the member’s cooperation through the following activities.




1. Organizing of Fuel Cell Symposium
2. Publishing of “The Journal of Fuel Cell Technology”
3. Publishing of Annual Report “Fuel Cell RD & D in Japan”(limited to members)
4. Organizing of Lecture Courses
5. Organizing of Workshop (limited to domestic members)
6. Social Gathering (limited to domestic members)
7. International cooperation and support of international conference
8. FCDIC Honoring System
9. Publishing of “Latest News”
10. Investigation of overseas trends
11. Acceptance of work experience learning