FCDIC Honoring System

8. FCDIC Honoring System

FCDIC Honoring System for its members was enacted in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the founding in 2016.

Rules for the Fuel Cell Development Information Center Awards

Award Winners


Special Achievement Award

Mr. T. Mitsui, the First Chairman of FCDIC

Mr. H. Kataoka, the Second Chairman of FCDIC, former Vice President of Tokyo Gas Corp.

Dr. T. Homma, Professor Emeritus of Tsukuba Univ., former Executive Director of FCDIC


Award in Industry

The Japan Gas Association, Panasonic Corp., Toshiba Fuel Cell Power System Corp., Kyocera Corp.

Award in Science

Dr. H. Yokokawa, Professor, The University of Tokyo

Incentive Award

Dr. Y. Nabae, Assistant Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology


Application requirements for this fiscal year

Application Period: from 2nd July to 31st August


The detailed information is available by mailing to the following address.