Organizing of Fuel Cell Symposium

1.Organizing of Fuel Cell Symposium

 ”Fuel Cell Symposium” organized by FCDIC is held every year in May.

 Usually, the symposium is held for two days.  In these two days,
about 100 papers are presented by oral and poster, and special lectures are given.  In addtion, the exhibitions are given by about 30 fuel cell-related companies.

exchange their information about the technological developments at the
social gathering in the first night.  There are about 1,000 participants including foreign participants in the symposium. Both FCDIC members and non-members can participate in the symposium.

  We welcome the participation, the presentation and the exhibition from foreign countries (both members and non-members). You can give the paper written in English and make the presentation in English.


Oral Presentation

Fuel Cell Symposium Proceedings
(written in Japanese with Engilish abstract)