Schedule of World Conferences related to Fuel Cells

※ 内容の変更、リンク切れの可能性もございますのでその際はご容赦ください。

Date and Site
12-16 April 2021 
Hannover (Germany)
Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Europe, within
Hannover Messe 2021
13-15 April 2021 
Detroit, Michigan (USA) and online
SAE International WCX 2021, including
Advanced Fuel Cell Vehicle Applications
26 April 2021 
Konstanz (Germany)
German–Swiss H2 Forum

to May 2023 Details to be announced late 2022
9-12 June 2020
Brisbane (Australia)

IERE-CSIRO Brisbane Hydrogen Workshop
3-6 May 2021 
Long Beach, California (USA)
Advanced Clean Transportation Expo,
ACT Expo 2021
4-5 May 2021 
Paris (France)
HyVolution 2021, the Hydrogen Event
for Energy, Industry and Mobility
5 May 2021 
Corfu (Greece)
4th International Workshop on
Degradation Issues of Fuel Cells
& Electrolysers
18 May 2021 
NEC, Birmingham (UK)
2021 UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell
Conference, CCSHFC 2021: Hydrogen &
Fuel Cells – The Time is Now
30 May-3 June 2021 
Chicago, Illinois (USA)
239th ECS Meeting: The Electrochemical
Society, including Symposia on Ionic
and Mixed Conducting Ceramics, and
Hydrogen or Oxygen Evolution Catalysis
for Water Electrolysis
8-10 June 2021 
Crystal City, Virginia  (USA)
US DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Program Annual Merit Review and
Peer Evaluation Meeting, AMR 2021
9-10 June 2021 
Stuttgart (Germany)
Hydrogen Technology Conference &
Expo: Technologies & Solutions for a
Low-Carbon Hydrogen Future
16-17 June 2021 
Copenhagen (Denmark)
European Conference on Hydrogen &
P2X 2021,4,en,2,1,4.html
20-24 June 2021 
World Hydrogen Technologies
Convention, WHTC 2021, with
f-cell + HFC 2021: Digital Edition
22-24 June 2021 
Bad Zwischenahn (Germany)
EMEA 2021, Workshop on Ion
Exchange Membranes for Energy
Applications: Fuel Cells,
Electrolysers, Flow Batteries
25-28 June 2021 
Nanjing (China)
EVS 34, Electric Vehicle Symposium 2021:
Towards Intelligent E-Mobility
11 July 2021 
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario (Canada)
17th International Symposium on
Polymer Electrolytes, ISPE-17
18-23 July 2021 
Stockholm (Sweden)
17th International Symposium
on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells,
21-23 September 2021 
Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)
9th International Conference
on Hydrogen Safety, ICHS 2021:
Safe Hydrogen for Net Zero
7-10 November 2021
Jeju (Korea)
6th Asian SOFC Symposium & Exhibition