Organization URL of Website Specialty
3M Fuel Cell Comp. http://www.3m.com/ MEA
Acal Energy http://www.acalenergy.co.uk/ PEFC
ACTA http://www.actagroup.it/ catalyst, electrolyser, stack
AC Transit http://www.actransit.org/ FC BUS
Acumentrics http://www.acumentrics.com/ UPS(SOFC)
AFC Energy http://www.afcenergy.com/ AFC
American Hydrogen Association
http://www.clean-air.org/ Association
Asia Pacific Fuel Cell
http://www.apfct.com/ FC Scooter
Axane Fuel Cell Systems http://www.axane.fr/ Portable FC
Ballard Power Systems http://www.ballard.com PEFC,FC Bus
BASF AG http://www.basf.com/group/corporate/en/ Catalyst (DMFC)
BLOOM ENERGY http://www.bloomenergy.com SOFC
BOC  http://www.boconline.co.uk/ H2 Cylinder
California Fuel Cell PS http://cafcp.org/ Pertner Ship in California
Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel
Cell Association
http://www.chfca.ca/ Association
Ceramatec http://www.ceramatec.com/ SOFC(1-10kW)
Ceramic Fuel Cells http://www.cfcl.com.au/ SOFC (BlueGen)
Ceres Power http://www.cerespower.com IMT SOFC (Micro CHP)
Clearedge Power http://www.clearedgepower.com 5kW CHP
Cummins Power Generation http://www.cumminspower.com/ SOFC
Delphi Automotive http://delphi.com/manufacturers/auto/fuelcells/ APU for Truck
Direct Methanol Fuel Cell http://www.viaspace.com/ae_dmfcc.php DMFC 
Dupont Fuel Cells http://www2.dupont.com/FuelCells/en_US/index.html Nafion Membrane
ECN http://www.ecn.nl/nl/ Enegy Res. Center of Netherlands
ENEA http://www.enea.it/it National Agency of Ital.
Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy
http://www.fchea.org/ Information
Fuel Cell Energy http://www.fuelcellenergy.com/ MCFC
Fuel Cell Europe http://www.fuelcelleurope.org/ Information
Fuel Cell Power http://fuelcellpower.org.uk/ Information
FUEL CELL SYSTEMS http://www.fuelcells.co.uk Information
Fuel Cell Today http://www.fuelcelltoday.com/ Information
GrenCell http://www.greencellinc.com SOFC
GS Fuel Cell http://www.gsfuelcell.com/ PEFC
GS Yuasa http://www.gs-yuasa.com/jp/index.asp DMFC
H.C Stark Ceramics http://www.hcstarck.com/ SOFC
H2 Filling Stations Worldwide http://www.h2stations.org/ H2 Station Data
H2IT Italian H2 & FC Ass. http://www.h2it.org/ Information
Halder Topsoe http://www.topsoe.com/ SOFC
Horizon Fuel Cell Tec. http://www.horizonfuelcell.com/ PEFC
Idatech http://www.idatech.com/ PEFC
Intelligent Energy http://www.intelligent-energy.com/ Portable FC, Black Cab
ITM Power http://www.itm-power.com H2 Storage & Fueling
Korea Institute of Science and
http://www.kist.re.kr/index.jsp MCFC, SOFC
London Hydrogen PS http://www.london.gov.uk/lhp/ Pertner Ship in London
Marshal Land Systems http://www.marshall
Diesel FC
Microcell http://www.microcellcorp.com/ Micro_CHP,PEFC
myFC http://www.myfuelcell.se/ Mobile
Nedstack http://www.nedstack.com 70kW PEFC, 1MW PEFC
Nordic Power Systems http://www.nordicpowersystems.com Diesel FC
NOW http://www.now-gmbh.de FC・H2 Consosium
Nuvera Fuel Cells http://www.nuvera.com/ PEFC
Ppowertrekk http://www.powertrekk.com/ Mobile Charger
Plansee AG http://www.plansee.com/ SOFC interconnectors 
Rolls-Royce Fuel Cell Systems http://www.rolls-royce.com/energy/energy_products/fuel_cells/ 50W Module SOFC
Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway http://www.scandinavianhydrogen.org/ PS
Solid State En. Conv. Al. http://www.netl.doe.gov/technologies/coalpower/fuelcells/seca/ Alliance
Staxera http://www.staxera.de/ SOFC
Sulzer Hexis AG http://www.hexis.com/ Galelio SOFC
Sunline Transit http://www.sunline.org/ FC bus ZEbus
The Knowledge Foundation http://www.knowledgefoundation.com/indexkf.php Commercialisation Alliance for FC
The UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell
http://www.ukhfca.co.uk/ Association
Topsoe Fuel Cell http://www.topsoefuelcell.com/ SOFC
Tropical Fuel Cells http://www.tropical.gr/ GreenGen NG-5(PEFC)
UltraCell http://ultracellpower.com/ Reformed Methanol Micro FC
UPS Systems http://www.upssysystems.co.uk/ DMFC UPS
UTC Power http://www.utcpower.com/ 5.5MW PEFC, FC BUS
Versa Power Systems http://www.versa-power.com/products.htm Anode Support Planer SOFC,
Vision’s EL Segund R&D
http://www.visionsmotorcorp.com/ FC Truck
Wartsila www.wartsila.com SOFC