Schedule of World Conferences related to Fuel Cells_English Version

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Date and Site
26-31 July 2020
Bryant University, Rhode Island (USA)
CANCELLED: Gordon Research
Conference on Fuel Cells: Integrating
Theory, Synthesis, Characterization and
Validation for the Advancement of Fuel
Cell Research

11-14 August 2020
Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
CANCELLED: 2020 World Fuel Cell
Conference, WFCC 2020: Fuel Cell
Division of the International Association
for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE)

31 August-4 September 2020
Online [was in Belgrade, Serbia]
Belgrade Online: 71st Annual Meeting
of the International Society of
Electrochemistry, including Symposium
9: Fuel Cells and Electrolysis: Promising
Energy for the Future

9-10 September 2020[NEW DATE, was 1–2 April, then 8–9 June]
Online [streamed from Vancouver, BC, Canada]
NOW ONLINE: f-cell + HFC Vancouver
2020, The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Digital
Event [and see f-cell 2020 on 29–30
September in Stuttgart, Germany]
15-17 September 2020
Online [was Denver, Colorado, USA]
2020 Online Zero Emission Bus
22-23 September 2020
Online [was in Paris, France]
NOW ONLINE: World Hydrogen Congress,
including Zero to Hydrogen Hero
23-24 September 2020
Online [was in Berlin, Germany]
NOW ONLINE: Electrochemistry 2020: At
the Interface between Chemistry and
Physics: Electrochemistry Undercover
29-30 September 2020
Stuttgart, Germany [and Online]
f-cell 2020: The Impulse Summit for
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells [and see f-cell
+ HFC Vancouver in Canada, rescheduled
for 9–10 September]
30 September-2 October 2020
Corfu  (Greece)
International Workshop on Degradation
Issues of Fuel Cells & Electrolysers
4-9 October 2020
Online [was in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA]
NOW ONLINE: PRiME 2020, Pacific Rim Meeting on Electrochemical and Solid
State Science
8 October 2020
Mission Hydrogen: Hydrogen Online
14-15 October 2020
Online [GCE Ocean Technology in Norway]
5th International Conference on
Maritime Hydrogen and Marine Energy
20-23 October 2020[NEW DATE, was 30 June–3 July]
Lucerne, Switzerland [and Online]
EFCF 2020: 14th European SOFC &
SOE Forum, Featuring Solid Oxide
Technologies: Fuel Cells, Electrolysers
& Membrane Reactors, CO2 Emission
Reduction & Reuse
21-22 October 2020[NEW DATE, was 15–16 July]
Boston, Massachusetts  (USA)
US Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Energy
Summit 2020
27-28 October 2020[NEW DATE, was 29–30 April]
North Canton, Ohio (USA)
2020 Ohio Fuel Cell Symposium
4-5 November 2020[NEW DATES,
originally 13–14 May then 14–15
Glasgow, Scotland  (UK)
All-Energy Exhibition & Conference 2020,
co-located with Decarbonise 2020
4-6 November 2020
Madrid (Spain)
POSTPONED TO 2021: European
Hydrogen Energy Conference 2020,
EHEC 2020

to 1-4 Nov., 2020.

31 May-3 June 2020 Jeju (Korea)


2020 Asian SOFC Symposium & Exhibition

8-11 November 2020[NEW DATE, was 10–13 May]
Dresden, Germany [was in Bonn]

5th Green and Sustainable Chemistry

12 November 2020
Husum (Germany)

H2.0-Konferenz: Grüne Wasserstoff-
Wirtschaft in den Regionen (Green
Hydrogen Conference in the Regions)
[in German]
18-19 November 2020 [NEW DATES, was
9–10 September]

Millbrook, Bedfordshire  (UK)
13th Low Carbon Vehicle (Cenex-LCV
2020) and 2nd Connected Automated
Mobility (Cenex-CAM 2020) Events

19-20 November 2020 
Frankfurt (Germany)
Hydrogen Technology Conference &
Expo: Technologies & Solutions for a
Low-Carbon Hydrogen Future
23-25 November 2020 [NEW DATES, was
25–27 May]

Paris (France)
9th Meeting of Electrochemistry
in Nanoscience, ElecNano9:
Electrochemistry for Nano & Nano for
24-26 November 2020 [NEW DATES, was
8–10 December]

Brussels (Belgium)
Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint
Undertaking: Programme Review Days
2020 [24–25 November], and Stakeholder
Forum 2020 [26 November]
1-4 December 2020 
Hamburg (Germany)
WindEnergy Hamburg 2020, with
H2Insights focal topic on green
hydrogen production using wind power
10-11 February 2021 
Paris (France)
HyVolution 2021, the Hydrogen Event for
Energy, Industry and Mobility
15-17 February 2021 
Muscat (Oman)
HYPOTHESIS XVI Muscat 2021: HYdrogen
POwer THeoretical & Engineering
Solutions International Symposium
3-5 March 2021 
Tokyo (Japan)
FC EXPO 2021, 17th International
Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo, within World
Smart Energy Week 2021
12-16 April 2021 
Hannover (Germany)
Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Europe, within
Hannover Messe 2021
to April or May 2021
Details will be announced after August 2020
9-12 June 2020
Brisbane (Australia)
2020 IERE – CSIRO Brisbane Hydrogen Workshop