Schedule of World Conferences related to Fuel Cells_English Version

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Date and Site
9–13 June 2019
Loen (Norway)
2nd International Conference on
Electrolysis, ICE 2019
11-13 June 2019
Madrid (Spain)
ARIEMA Course on Hydrogen and Fuel
Cells [in Spanish]
13-14 June 2019
Bangkok  (Thailand)
5th International Symposium on
Hydrogen Energy, Renewable Energy &
Materials, HEREM 2019
16-20 June 2019
Lisbon  (Portugal)
6th Nano Today Conference (including
Nanomaterials for Energy and
Environmental Applications)
19-21 June 2019
Hamburg (Germany)
14th International Hydrail Conference:
Powering Trains with Hydrogen
23-28 June 2019
North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)
H2 Mobility Hydrogen Week: 6 Days,
7 Actions (and see 27 June below)
[in German]
26-27 June 2019
Columbus, Ohio (USA)
2019 Ohio Fuel Cell Symposium
27 June 2019
Düsseldorf (Germany)
Annual Mobility Conference of the NRW
Fuel Cells, Hydrogen, Electromobility
Networks (part of Hydrogen Week, see
above) [in German]
1-4 July 2019
Université Paul Sabatier de Toulouse  (France)
Journées d’Electrochimie 2019
[in French]
2-5 July 2019
Lucerne  (Switzerland)
EFCF 2019, Low-Temperature Fuel
Cells, Electrolysers & H2 Processing:
Fundamentals and Engineering Design
10-11 July 2019
Boston, Massachusetts (USA)
US Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Energy Summit 2019
17-19 July 2019
Aveiro (Portugal)
7th International Conference on
Hydrogen Energy, as part of 14th
International Conference on Advanced
Nanomaterials, ANM 2019
18 July 2019
University of Birmingham (UK)
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Showcase
22-24 July 2019
Osaka (Japan)
International Congress on Advanced
Materials Sciences and Engineering
2019, AMSE-2019
22-24 July 2019
Osaka (Japan)
BIT’s 8th Annual World Congress of
Advanced Materials Japan 2019, WCAM-
2019: Redefining Next Generation
Disruptive Materials, including Session
3-6: Advanced Materials for Batteries,
Fuel Cells and Electrolyser Technologies
24-26 July 2019
Paris (France)
International Conference on Green
Energy & Environmental Technology,
4-9 August 2019
Durban (South Africa)
70th Annual Meeting of the
International Society of
Electrochemistry: Electrochemistry
– Linking Resources to Sustainable
11-14 August 2019
Cape Town (South Africa)
South African Chemical Institute,
5th International Symposium on
Electrochemistry: Electrochemistry at
Nanostructured Interfaces
26-28 August 2019
Glasgow, Scotland (UK)
Electrochem 2019, organised jointly by
RSC Electrochemistry Group and SCI
Electrochemical Technology Group
27-30 August 2019
Duisburg (Germany)
6th CARISMA International Conference
on Medium and High Temperature
Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells,
8-12 September 2019
Padua (Italy)
21st Italian Electrochemical Meeting,
Giornate dell’Elettrochimica Italiana:
GEI 2019
8-13 September 2019
Kyoto (Japan)
16th International Symposium on Solid
Oxide Fuel Cells, SOFC-XVI
10-11 September 2019
Stuttgart  (Germany)
f-cell 2019, The Impulse Summit
for Hydrogen & Fuel Cells
[and see 22–23 May in Vancouver]
15-18 September 2019
La Grande-Motte  (France)
EFCD 2019, Electrolysis and Fuel Cell
Discussions: Towards Catalysts Free
of Critical Raw Materials for
Fuel Cells & Electrolysers
23-25 September 2019
Magdeburg (Germany)
Symposium on Insights into Gas
Diffusion Electrodes: From Fundamentals
to Industrial Applications
23-26 September 2019
Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)
Hydrogen + Fuel Cells North America
Exhibition, within Solar Power
24-26 September 2019
Adelaide (Australia)
8th International Conference on
Hydrogen Safety, ICHS 2019
13-17 October 2019
Atlanta, Georgia (USA)
236th ECS Meeting, including Symposia
I01: Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells &
Electrolyzers 19 (PEFC&E19), and I03:
Ionic & Mixed Conducting Ceramics 12

23-24 October 2019
Marseille (France)

Power2Gas Conference

23-25 October 2019
CIEMAT, Madrid (Spain)

Ibero-American Congress of Hydrogen
and Fuel Cells, IBERCONAPPICE 2019,
Spanish Fuel Cells Association
[in Spanish]
23-26 October 2019
Shanghai (China)
Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Asia Exhibition,
within CeMAT 2019 (materials handling
& logistics exhibition)

27 October – 1 November
Okinawa (Japan)
Symposium 2: Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technologies
The 13th Pacific Rim Conference of Ceramic Societies (PACRIM13)

5-7 November 2019
California  (USA)
2019 Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exposition
19-21 November 2019
Brussels (Belgium )
Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint
Undertaking: Programme Review Days
[19–20 November], and Stakeholder
Forum [21 November]
9-11 December 2019
Naples  (Italy)
8th European Fuel Cell Technology &
Applications Piero Lunghi Conference, EFC19