Schedule of World Conferences related to Fuel Cells_English Version

※ 内容の変更、リンク切れの可能性もございますのでその際はご容赦ください。

Date and Site
12-16 April 2021 
Hannover (Germany)
Hydrogen + Fuel Cells Europe, within
Hannover Messe 2021
13-15 April 2021 
Detroit, Michigan (USA) and online
SAE International WCX 2021, including
Advanced Fuel Cell Vehicle Applications
26 April 2021 
Konstanz (Germany)
German–Swiss H2 Forum
again to mid-2022, Details to be announced late 2021
9-12 June 2020
Brisbane (Australia)
2020 IERE – CSIRO Brisbane Hydrogen Workshop
3-6 May 2021 
Long Beach, California (USA)
Advanced Clean Transportation Expo,
ACT Expo 2021
4-5 May 2021 
Paris (France)
HyVolution 2021, the Hydrogen Event
for Energy, Industry and Mobility
5 May 2021 
Corfu (Greece)
4th International Workshop on
Degradation Issues of Fuel Cells
& Electrolysers
18 May 2021 
NEC, Birmingham (UK)
2021 UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell
Conference, CCSHFC 2021: Hydrogen &
Fuel Cells – The Time is Now
30 May-3 June 2021 
Chicago, Illinois (USA)
239th ECS Meeting: The Electrochemical
Society, including Symposia on Ionic
and Mixed Conducting Ceramics, and
Hydrogen or Oxygen Evolution Catalysis
for Water Electrolysis
8-10 June 2021 
Crystal City, Virginia  (USA)
US DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Program Annual Merit Review and
Peer Evaluation Meeting, AMR 2021
9-10 June 2021 
Stuttgart (Germany)
Hydrogen Technology Conference &
Expo: Technologies & Solutions for a
Low-Carbon Hydrogen Future
16-17 June 2021 
Copenhagen (Denmark)
European Conference on Hydrogen &
P2X 2021,4,en,2,1,4.html
20-24 June 2021 
World Hydrogen Technologies
Convention, WHTC 2021, with
f-cell + HFC 2021: Digital Edition
22-24 June 2021 
Bad Zwischenahn (Germany)
EMEA 2021, Workshop on Ion
Exchange Membranes for Energy
Applications: Fuel Cells,
Electrolysers, Flow Batteries
25-28 June 2021 
Nanjing (China)
EVS 34, Electric Vehicle Symposium 2021:
Towards Intelligent E-Mobility
11 July 2021 
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario (Canada)
17th International Symposium on
Polymer Electrolytes, ISPE-17
18-23 July 2021 
Stockholm (Sweden)
17th International Symposium
on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells,
21-23 September 2021 
Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)
9th International Conference
on Hydrogen Safety, ICHS 2021:
Safe Hydrogen for Net Zero
7-10 November 2021
Jeju (Korea)
6th Asian SOFC Symposium & Exhibition