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The Fuel Cell Development Information Center (FCDIC)
in Japan provides its world members with timely information on fuel cell
RD & D in Japan as follows.

  Bimonthly Fuel Cell News “FCDIC Report”:

Timely news about fuel cell written in English “FCDIC Report” is sent to you by email. It is designed as as successor of  “The Latest Fuel Cell News in Japan” which was sent to you by Email preceding one month before publishing on FCDIC website.

(list of the latest news)

Quarterly journal “The Journal of Fuel Cell Technology”:

“The Journal of Fuel Cell Technology” includes articles from original sources featuring fuel cell technical trends, development policy and status, commercialization, and so on. It is published in January, April, July and October. Titles of articles and figure captions are written both in English and Japanese, and abstracts are written in English.

(example:cover, photogravure, contents, articles)

   The Annual Report “Fuel Cell RD & D in Japan”:

“Fuel Cell RD & D in Japan” generally surveys
the present status and reviews on the research and development and deployment
of fuel cells by FCDIC members. It is published every year in January.

The typical contents of the annual report by NEDO,FC-Cubic, JGA, AIST and JEMA the statiscal data such as EneFarm shipment are also attached.


   FCDIC invites you to join us as a World Member of FCDIC.

The services and membership fee are shown in the following table.

Services for World Members
Membership Fee

 1. Monthly news “The Latest Fuel Cell News in Japan”

2. Quarterly Journal “The Journal of Fuel Cell Technology”

3. Annual Report “Fuel Cell RD & D in Japan”





Membership fee does not include remittance fee and is the net  value
to be received by FCDIC.

Yearly membership fees should be paid through bank transfers.
If you are interested in becoming a FCDIC WORLD MEMBER, please return the Application Form by Fax or E-mail.   Immediately after receiving your application,
FCDIC will send invoices to you and start the above services. You
are requested to pay the annual membership fee within a month after receiving
the invoice.


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